Complete Guide on What is Static Keyword

Complete Guide on What is Static Keyword

static keyword

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Keywords are reserved words in Java that can’t be used as identifiers. In Java, we have 57 keywords in total. Among those keywords is one called Static. In this article, we are going to look at how to apply static in various aspects of programming when using Java.

Here are some of the topics that we are going to cover in this article:

  • Static keyword in Java
  • How to apply Static keyword
  • Static Block
  • Static Variable
  • Static Method
  • Static Classes

Static Keyword in Java

Programmers use static keywords in Java to manage memory. Programmers use it with methods, variables, nested classes, and blocks. With a static keyword, you can share the method of a class or the same variable. You can use it with the same method for every instance of a class or a constant variable. Generally, the main method of a class is labeled static.

You need to precede a static member with the keyword static if you create it. That is the block, variable, method, or nested class. You don’t need any object reference when a member is declared as static since you can access it before creating objects of its class. Being a non-access modifier in Java programming language, this is what you can use the static keyword for:With an example, we will explain in detail each of these methods to help you understand better.

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How to Apply Static Keyword

Before we show you how to apply static keywords in Java, we will first show you how the Java programming language is enhanced with static blocks.

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Static Block

When you load the class, and you want to do your computation to initialize your static variables, all you need to do is declare a static block to be executed once. The diagram below will help you understand the use of Static Block in a Java program.

I believe that you have understood what a static block is and how to use it. Next, we will be looking at what static variables are and how they help.

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Created On : 2020-12-09 14:52:42