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Top Marketing Trends 2013
March 1, 2013 Posted by  admin

Every year, media publications predict certain marketing trends for the year – and, disappointingly, they are usually not all that exciting and are much like the predictions made the year prior.


Social Media that is Smarter


When social media began to wiggle its way into business marketing strategies, most marketers and business owners thought they needed to be engaging on every new and hip social media platform in order to have a successful marketing campaign. But in 2013, marketers and business owners are going to be smarter about their social media strategies. Instead of plugging into every single social media site, marketers will focus on a select few and hone in on their engagement levels. It’s unrealistic to think that you can have a successful social media marketing campaign and have optimal engagement on every single social media website known to man.




Simplicity will be the marketing theme in 2013. As consumers, we are bombarded with information, from our inboxes to our televisions, it’s an overload of information that can sometimes be intolerable. So in 2013, simplistic marketing campaigns that offer a simpler solution to make our lives easier will be the most successful.


Say Hello to Mobile


Mobile will be at the forefront of marketing tactics in 2013. PCs are passe and smartphones are quickly becoming the main source of researching and browsing the web. Although about 90% of websites are mobile-compatible, this year in 2013 is the year that mobile marketing strategies and campaigns will start to have significance. Business owners will not just be recognizing that the mobile space exists, but that it needs a strategic campaign in addition to a marketing campaign or strategy.


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