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Eight Signs That It’s Time to Redesign Your Website
March 1, 2013 Posted by  admin

Website design is always changing in some way and the effort that goes into designing or redesigning a website is anything but minimal. Which is why it can be very difficult after all that hard work of creating a website initially for a business owner to hear the words “website” and “resdesign” in the same sentence. It would’t surprise us if they shuddered at the very thought. But as technology in devices and website design changes, sometimes the websites have no choice but to adapt – or risk losing a customer to their competitor. Below are 8 signs that it may be time for a redesign:


#1: It’s difficult to update the content on your website


It’s important the content on your website is constantly changing to keep your website fresh for your visitors as well as for the search engines. If it is difficult to make frequent updates and changes to your website, it may be time for a redesign including an effective and easy to use content management system.


#2: Your website looks like a gargled mess on your smart phone


If someone pulls out their Android smart phone to google your website and it looks like encrypted code on the page – you will likely lose their interest very quickly. Basically – smart phones like iPhone, Android and Blackberry aren’t going anywhere and are increasingly becoming one of the main devices people use for browsing the web. You may need a mobile-friendly site so you don’t lose out on these opportunities.


#3 Your functions and features are dated


If there are constant “404 Not Found” pages popping up when your visitors are navigating your website, it may be time for a redesign. A good content management system that redirects visitors to a functional search page instead of just an error page will fix the problem.


#4: You’re invisible to search engines


SEO (especially with Google) is becoming pretty straight forward to master these days. If you have relevant, organic content and a cleanly coded website – those are some of the first steps. If your code is old, dated, has a lot of irrelevant link exchanges or hasn’t been changed since 2006 – this hurts your SEO.


#5: The copyright year in your footer is older than 2012


If it says “2007” as the copyright year in your footer – it’s obvious you don’t update your site. Even a 2011 copyright date is pushing it. Visitors see this date and immediately lose trust in the content, simply because it is over two years old!


#6: You have old features on your site


If you have a MySpace share button on your website – it’s time for a redesign. Even if you have the Facebook icon that said how many other friends shared or liked the page – it’s time for a redesign. Social media share buttons in general are arguably becoming irrelevant on home pages and many website designers are leaving them out.


#7: You’re losing visitors over time
This could also be contributing to poor SEO. This could be an indicator that you need a redesign, or a fix in your SEO plan via on-page optimization.


#8: You haven’t done a revamp in over three years or never have


It’s a good rule of thumb to revamp or update the look and feel of your website about every three years to stay fresh and competitive in your industry. Over three years? – Resdesign!


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