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How to Choose the Right PR Firm for Your Business
April 4, 2013 Posted by  admin

How to Choose the Right PR Firm
The question many business owners and corporate execs ask themselves – How to choose the right PR firm for my business? Many businesses that seek out a PR firm do so with the goal to grow their business and build a brand. But with the many PR agencies in cities like Los Angeles and New York, for example, where do you start in choosing the right firm for you?


Determine what you want PR to do for you


The first step is determining why you are looking for a PR agency. If you’re looking to make connections with heavy hitters in the media so you can spread timely news about your business to a huge audience, then a PR agency with a media placement focus. If your many goal is to connect with analyst in your industry, an agency that offers industry analyst services would be a good fit.


How long do you plan to commit to the firm?


Determine how long you are looking to hire the PR firm to choose the best option. Some PR firms offer short-term projects while others require longer term commitments.


Make a budget


Determine first how much you are able or are willing to spend on your PR efforts with a firm. This will refine your search so you don’t spend time contacting firms that are outside your budget.


Get Examples


Ask the PR Agencies to send background material, samples of past clients, etc. If you are seeking branding services and a website redesign – it’s important to look at the firm’s design capabilities to determine if it’s something you would like for your own website. This is also a good way to see if they deliver on their promise, and if their fees are fair for the design work they execute.

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